Wexford Sixth Form
Wexford Exterior
Location: Central London
Age: Est. 1800s
Residents: Students divided by gender into Aldshot and Hawthorne
Status: Ongoing
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath

Wexford Sixth Form is a college situated in the heart of London, and was Rory's choice of location as to where she should spend her sabbatical year. The college is right in the midst of the Ripper's old hunting grounds, roughly 5 minutes from Whitechapel Road.

Wexford was built by a charity, who bought all the land around a small square and built an entire complex.  The charity constructed a home for women, a home for men, and a small Gothic revival church - basically everything needed to provide food shelter and spiritual guidance. The buildings are all old-fashioned and attractive, with stone benches and a few tiny trees in a square to provide a pleasant atmosphere. The charity then went on to fill the houses with poor women, men and children whom they made to work fifteen hours a day in the factories and workhouses that they built around the square.

Wexford is a boarding school for seventeen and eighteen-year-olds only, and so the total expected attendance time is two years. As a new student, Rory mentions that this is comforting as all her fellow classmates would only have been together for a year at most.