The Wexford Library is a large two-storey building at Wexford Sixth Form College. The library is one of the buildings on campus where students are to spend their free periods. The college itself is over 100 years old, and so its library building is also quite old-fashioned on the inside and out. The library floor is made up of stone in differing shades of black and white. Each floor level holds an array of large wooden stacks and reference sections. The most modern section of the library is the main study area. This area is on the ground floor and has a long wooden table divided into cubicles with a lamp, shelf, corkboard, and power outlets for individual study. The librarian desk is also situated on the lower floor.

Upstairs are rows upon rows of wooden stacks with books categorised into distinct sections. Each row has its own set of lights on timers that allow students enough time to search for a book before departing. Alistair Gilliam is a former student and ghost who now presides over the upstairs stacks; particularly in the literature and poetry section. He has been loitering in the library for over two decades, but goes unnoticed by the vast majority of students. Some Wexford students (including Rory and Jerome) like to use the upstairs level of the library as a secluded make-out spot.

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