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[For the third book in the Shades of London series, please see 'The Shadow Cabinet']

The Shadow Cabinet is a secret, shadowy organisation beyond the Government that is unknown to even a vast number of Shades, although each time the Shades have been reestablished, a member of the Shadow Cabinet has been a member. While no- one knows who past members were, currently it's Stephen Dene.

The Shadow Cabinet's purpose is to keep London secure by guarding The Eye of Isis, and to make sure its fragments are never taken or removed. They also make sure lay lines stay fairly clear for ghosts to move on from this world to the afterlife. Despite this benviolent motive, the Shadow Cabinet itself does shady deeds to fulfill this goal, such as following and watching potential recruites, presumably without their knowledge, before approaching them and explaining bits and pieces to him or her. Although it's unknown what would happen if a Shade declined to join them, once he or she does, it becomes a Shade's top priority, and they can't quit.

The Shadow Cabinet also generates implausible stories about itself so their real purpose won't be believed by anyone but conspiracy theorists. They even adapted the name so people would be confused by the two names.

Of course, this isn't going into how, after Rory gains the power to terminate ghosts, The Shadow Cabinet apparently sees her as a stone, not a person.

Known Members

Current Members:
  • Stephen Dene