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Stephen's Flat is one of the primary meeting places of Rory and the Shades. It is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Dene, but while they are living outside of England the flat is occupied by their son Stephen.

Timeline Edit

Stephen's flat was cold, dark, and messy. There were few personal affects to clue in a visitor to his personality. Except books. Books were strewn about everywhere. It's mentioned in "The Boy in The Smoke." that Stephen enjoyed reading books like mystery novels, so that's what they likely were.

He had a corkboard pinned with notes, likely of his most recent cases. He had a computer, and a sofa. There were no pictures on the walls.

Stephen's bedroom was full of books: along the walls, in a crate, and in a small pile with a spare pair of glasses on top. There was a bed with two blankets, one woolen and plain green, and an ugly clay-red blanket tucked at the foot. There was a bureau, a broken laundry basket with a bit of laundry in it, a lamp with a crooked shade, and a closet with expensive clothing hung up inside, along with shoes, old rugby sports equipment, and a box of personal effects.