These are the ten people who were runaways in London, and members of Sid and Sadie’s cult from the 70s. It is very likely that they all had the Sight.

Members Edit

  • Aileen Emerson: Microbiologist.
  • Badge: A musician whose real name was unknown.
  • Dinah Dewberry: A small and shy woman who rode a bike with stars she painted onto it herself. She and Clover liked each other, but both of them were too shy for it to go anywhere before she joined Sid and Sadie.
  • Domino Dixie: Helped out at Clover's Bookshop.
  • Mick Dunstan: One of the cultists with the most personality and lines. He looked like Mick Jagger, and used that and his first name to his advantage. Jane noted that he seemed to be waiting to hear that he was King of a small green land. He professed not to believe in death, although his opinion appeared to change.
  • George Battersby: A proto-goth.
  • Michael Rogers.
  • Johnny Phillips: Chemist.
  • Prudence Malley: An art student.
  • Ruth Clarkson: A tarot card reader.

Rites Edit

On December 22nd, 1973, Sid and Sadie said they were going to preform the Mysteries to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and told everyone except for Jane and themselves to take a drink. Unfortunately, the drinks were poisoned with what was most likely cyanide. Dinah was the first to realize something was wrong, the only one to have any last words, and the first to die. The others quickly followed, and the noise was so horrible, Sid put on a David Bowie record until it was over. Mick was the last to die, just a few feet away from the door, with one arm outstretched towards it.

Per Sid and Sadie’s instructions, Jane made a small cut on each body and caught the blood in a goblet. The twins mixed it with their own dose of poison, said goodbye to Jane, and drank it as part of a plan to "defeat death".

While Rory and Stephen escape from Sid and Sadie’s house in the dimension, they see the bodies of Sid and Sadie’s cult from that night.