Sergeant William Maybrick works for the City of London Police at Wood Street. He is one of the only survivors who is still working on the Force after the King William Street incident of 1993. Rory and the Shades go to question him about the contemporary copy-cat killer case and what he knows about Alexander Newman.

Appearance Edit

William Maybrick is approximately two inches taller than Stephen, but Rory suspects that he could weigh twice Stephen's amount. When he first emerges to meet the Shades, he is wearing a white shirt with notable sweat marks. The epaulettes on the shoulder of his shirt have many more stripes that Stephen's, suggesting that he has been in the Force for a while. Judging from the length of his career, it can be assumed that Maybrick is now at least middle-aged.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sergeant William Maybrick is an English man who aspired to become a police officer, just as Stephen Dene did when he was a kid. He acquired a smoking habit. Very little else is known about Sergeant Maybrick's personal history, as he maintains a professional relationship with the Shades during their investigation.

Police Work Edit

William Maybrick has been an officer for a long period of time. He was a trained officer in 1993, and is still currently in work at present time. Back in 1993, Maybrick's squad was informed of a 'drug raid' that went sour at King William Street station, a disused tube tunnel. Maybrick and his three other comrades arrived at the scene to find the bodies of six undercover officers. While studying the scene, Maybrick quietly doubted the story that it had been a drug raid. He found some of the bodies and knew something was amiss, believing that Newman may have killed his own comrades in a mass murder-suicide. However, he kept his suspicions to himself.

Maybrick later ascended the ranks of the police force and was evidently promoted to Sergeant. In the present-day, Rory and the Shades discover that Sergeant Maybrick is still on the force and go to question him about the events of 1993. Rory notices many stripes on his uniform's epaulettes, which is another indication of Maybrick's long years of service.

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