Sid and Sadie Smithfield-Wyatt were Shades twins who died in a ritual in 1977. Their deaths appeared to be a double suicide. Jane Quaint took over their house and continued their work after their demise. 

Appearance Edit

Sid and Sadie are said to wear mostly the same clothes and look outrageously identical even though they are fraternal twins.

Background Edit

Little is known about Sid and Sadie's background and past. Sid and Sadie grew up in a wealtyh family until their parents died in a car crash. They were the only survivors and this event triggered their sight. They inherited their family's money at a young age and bought a house in which they recruited Jane and the others. They performed a ritual which kept them at the brink of death for a long time and no other information is known.

Human Life Edit

Sid and Sadie were obsessed with defeating death. They performed a ritual which put them to sleep for a long time and they have never woken since. 

Restoration Edit

After the siblings' ostensible suicide, their bodies remained intact for decades while they lingered somewhere between life and death. In The Shadow Cabinet, Jane Quaint forces Rory to take part in a ritual that allowed Sadie and Sid to return to the realm of the living.

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