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Richard Eakles is a Ripperologist from The Name of the Star. He was a third-person point of view character in a special chapter between Chapters 24 and 25.

Richard's fascination with Jack the Ripper began when he was fifteen years old. At twenty-one, he ran the largest and most informative website on Jack the Ripper, where he posted an idea to have a conference to discuss theories at The Ten Bells Pub. The idea quickly caught on with the press, and the media swarmed in to cover the conference.

On November 2nd, Richard opened the conference by quickly listing the topics which they would discuss, before he summarized the wounds of the Ripper's fifth victim, Mary Jane Kelly. The lights were dimmed and a photo of her body at the crime scene was shown.

Richard called for the lights to come back on, but instead the power went out. Suddenly in the confusion of the blackout, Richard felt someone grab the pen from his hand and write something on the board. Richard felt around for the mysterious writer, but didn't feel anyone, and whoever they were kept silent. The mysterious figure shoved Richard against the board before the power came back on, revealing the message "The Name of the Star is What You Fear."

Nobody except for the Shades believed Richard's story, although it was heralded as a new link in the case.