Regina Dene
Regina Dene
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Stephen Dene (Brother)

Mr. and Mrs. Dene (Parents)

Aliases: Gina
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Boy in the Smoke

Regina 'Gina' Dene was Stephen Dene's older sister and the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Dene.

She was around 5'6, with similar eyes and hair as her brother, although her smile was wider.

She was an impulsive, rebellous, outgoing, fearless, nonchalant person, and protective of Stephen.

Biography Edit

Years prior to the series, Stephen and Regina had their picture taken together on a beach. Stephen kept in at the bottom of a box containing his school things from Eton. Rory found it while looking through his personal affects for clues to where his ghost might be.

In "The Boy in the Smoke", Regina immediately texted Stephen back with promises of vengeance after learning that their parents failed to pick him up from school and drove to get him, knowing but not caring that she would be kicked out of school for it.

Since the Dene's had frozen her bank account, she threatened to call report them to child services unless they unfroze her account, which they did, so, she explained to Stephen, they could go anywhere they wanted.

Regina happily suggested Paris, but acquitted when Stephen said he just wanted to go to London.

They stopped by a diner so Regina could meet a friend of hers to (unknown to Stephen) pick up some drugs.

After a fun day on the town, Regina's anger returned once they arrived back at their father's flat, and in a drug fueled rage, Regina destroyed the flat and fought with her parents when they came home early. They ended up disowning her, and Regina stormed off, never to talk to her parents, or see Stephen in person again.

Regina crashed at a friend's house and from then on, her lifestyle became wilder until Regina, apparently unsurprisingly to almost everyone who knew her, died of an accidental overdose during a party. Her death led to her brother's suicide attempt four years later, which is the incident that gave him the Sight. Since the Sight is believed to be hereditary, it can be assumed that, (like Stephen), Gina would also have had the requisite genes to develop the Sight.

Emytologic Edit

Her first name Regina means Queen. It could be connected to her brother Stephen's name, which means Crown. Their names imply that they came from a wealthy family.