Regina Dene
Regina Dene
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Stephen Dene (Brother)

Mr. and Mrs. Dene (Parents)

Aliases: Gina
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Boy in the Smoke

Regina 'Gina' Dene was Stephen Dene's older sister and the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Dene.

Biography Edit

Regina led an irresponsible lifestyle and died of an overdose during a party. Her death led to her brother's suicide attempt four years later, which is the incident that gave him the Sight. Since the Sight is believed to be hereditary, it can be assumed that, (like Stephen), Gina would also have had the requisite genes to develop the Sight.

Emytologic Edit

Her first name Regina means Queen. It could be connected to her brother Stephen's name, which means Crown. Their names imply that they came from a wealthy family.

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