This is a short article - the content on it is as much as is known from the Shades of London.

Mrs. Fletcher is a woman who worked at a Girl Scouts organisation in Bénouville, Louisiana. Approximately eight years ago, when Rory was around ten, Mrs. Fletcher was a Girl Scout troop leader. She supervised Rory, Jenny, Erin, and the other girls during the Girl Scout expedition to Magnolia Hall, which was owned by Mrs. Haverty. Rory was determined to be the first Girl Scout allowed entrance to the building, and speculated that the best way to do that was to visit the toilet. A young Rory made certain that Mrs. Fletcher saw her drinking all of her water far too quickly, so that she would not question Rory's need to use the bathroom. Mrs. Fletcher was not fooled and told Rory off for drinking all her water, knowing the girl was up to something. Rory ignored her instructions.

When the bus arrived at Magnolia Hall, Rory was bouncing up and down on her seat complaining of her need to use the toilet. Mrs. Fletcher was very frustrated with Rory, and Rory recalls being a little scared because adults don't usually get mad (particularly not her Scout Leaders, who were generally very friendly). Despite Mrs. Fletcher's annoyance, Rory successfully uses the peeing excuse to enter the building.

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