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Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux are Rory's parents.

Biography Edit

Life in Louisiana Edit

Rory states that her parents are the only members of her family who attended college. They both subsequently went on to law school, and are now qualified lawyers.

Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux raised Rory in the fictional town of Bénouville, Louisiana, and taught her to be self-reliant at a young age. Neither of them are superstitious, and they're always eager to show Rory the real causes behind frightening sounds, sights, and events.

Moving to England

After arriving in England, the Deveaux family separated when Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux enrolled their daughter Rory at Wexford Sixth Form College, a co-educational boarding school. Rory took up residence in London, while her parents settled in the city of Bristol. This was a mutual decision. In Bristol, Rory's parents are doing a year of sabbatical teaching American Law as lecturers at the University of Bristol.

Zealous coverage of the Ripper copy-cat case prompts Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux to attempt to withdraw Rory from Wexford. They wish for Rory to leave the city out of fear for her safety, but Rory persuades them to allow her to remain at the school. When Rory is accosted as a witness in the Jack the Ripper copy-cat case, Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux again try to put Rory on a train to Bristol.

Aftermath of Rory's Injury

Towards the end of The Name of the Star, Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux are immediately informed of the assault on their daughter. They first appear at the hospital when Rory wakes up. Rory's mother stays by her bedside, and wakes Rory up by grabbing her hand to prevent her from scratching her new stiches. Rory's mother reluctantly lets her watch news coverage of the closure of the Ripper Copy-Cat case, while her father returns from an unsuccessful hunt for iced tea. They ask if Rory wants to talk about it but she says no. Rory then asks for a painkiller, so Rory's mother leaves to find a nurse. Both of them stay in a nearby hotel while Rory stays in the hospital.

They decide to rent a house in Bristol that Rory can recuperate in.

During a meeting with Rory's therapist to talk about her progress, Rory's parents are shocked by the suggestion that Rory should go back to Wexford, citing insufficient security measures, and the traumatic memories waiting for their daughter, but they listen to what the therapist has to say, and in the end, respect Rory's decision to return to Wexford. However, they never stop worrying about her.

Rory calls them early in The Shadow Cabinet to let them know she's alright.