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Miss Gina is a woman from Bénouville who Rory sometimes mentions in her anecdotes. She owns and manages a local Kroger grocery store and was a high school classmate of Rory's Uncle Bick.

Biography Edit

Gina has been the object of Bick's affections for almost two decades since they graduated from high school. However, Bick has apparently never told Miss Gina how he feels. Bick is extremely socially inept and does not know how to talk to women, so he apparently likes to just hang around Gina. Bick once left a collage of bird feathers on the windshield of her car. When Rory was around nine years old, Rory was mad at her parents and ran away to Gina's shop with the intention of living in Gina's office. When she got there, Gina provided Rory with some free juice and carrot sticks. Gina did not complain or instruct Rory to return home, and Rory stayed there for two hours before leaving on her own. In the present day, Rory realises that Gina must have called her parents straight away to let them know she was there.

Despite not being a family member, Miss Gina calls Rory from Bénouville after she hears that the Ripper copy-cat had been near Rory's new school. She is not in a relationship with Rory's Uncle but she is still a friend of Rory's family.