King William Street station is an old, underground tube station that was in use for ten years. It opened in 1890 as a station a little to the north of London Bridge, but soon closed in 1900. It is a real-life location that has been adapted into the Shades of London book series. The following events are fictitious and are a part of the books.

Timeline Edit

King William Street Incident Edit

In 1993, six undercover police officers died at this station. The deceased included Alexander Newman, Margo Riley, David Lennox, Mark Denhurst, Jane Watson, and Katie Ellis. Sergeant Maybrick was called to the scene after the incident and discovered their deaths.

The file of the event proclaims that it was the scene of a failed drugs bust. When researching this occurrence, Stephen remarks that an incident of such magnitude should have warranted a greater amount of paperwork and attention from the rest of the force. However, the incident received a startlingly small amount of attention and was quickly archived and set aside. This suggests that there was more to the story, and that the information must have been deemed classified. This is because the squad that was killed had not actually been involved in a drug raid. Rather, it was a suspected mass murder-suicide performed by Newman.

Copy-Cat Confrontation

In The Name of the Star, the copy-cat killer demands that Rory meet him in this station. Upon further investigation, the current Shades discover that the copy-cat Ripper was killed in an incident dubbed the 'King William Street Incident'. Therefore, the killer is requesting that they rendezvous at the location of his death. Rory goes to meet the copy-cat Ripper at King William Street station, but brings Stephen, Boo, and Callum along with her as back-up. The station is the setting of the Shades' first and final united confrontation with the copy-cat killer.