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Julia is Rory's therapist, and makes her first appearance in The Madness Underneath. Rory's parents hired her to counsel Rory after their daughter's encounter with the copy-cat killer.

Appearance Edit

Julia is a short, small woman with very light blonde hair. Rory estimates that Julia is most likely in her fifties, but she also notes that Julia's face is almost free of lines.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rory notes that Julia has a Scottish accent, so it is likely that she grew up in Scotland and migrated down to England later on in life. She pursued a career in counseling.

Rory's Treatment


Reason behind suggesting that Rory goes back to school.Edit

It says later in The Madness Underneath that Thorpe and Stephen Dene had something to do with Rory's return to Wexford. 

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