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Student; Prefect of Wexford Sixth Form
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Significant Other: Aurora Deveaux (formerly)
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath
The Shadow Cabinet

Jerome is a prefect at Wexford boarding school. He lives in the Aldshot dormitories on campus, and is the former love interest of Rory. Jerome has extensive knowledge of the original Jack the Ripper case, and occasionally schooled Rory in what he believed to be the copycat killer's likely course of action. 

Appearance Edit

Jerome has fair skin and curly brown hair that has begun to fall into a centre part. When they first met, Rory thought to herself that he looked similar to her fourth-grade crush Doug Davenport.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Jerome was born somewhere in England, and has spent his secondary school years studying at Wexford boarding school. Besides this, little is known about Jerome's background. He does not possess the Sight, and therefore either hasn't inherited the necessary gene or has never before had a near-death experience to trigger the ability.

Life at Wexford

Jerome is a prefect and moved into the Aldshot dormitory. He took a liking to Rory when she first transferred to Wexford after moving to England from the United States. The two became fast friends, and their relationship eventually evolved romantically. Jerome would often find Rory ostensibly alone on the floor of the library, and would have begun to believe that she enjoyed solitude. His inability to perceive the ghosts she accidentally interacts aloud with in his presence was often confusing for Jerome and sometimes dangerous for Rory. However, he appeared to find Rory's eccentricity to be endearing. Jerome did not exclusively date Rory in The Name of the Star. However, when Rory left school and moved to Bristol to recover after a severe injury, the two kept in touch through the occasional phone call or text message. While Rory reflected upon their relationship, she described Jerome as her 'make-out buddy', but believed that the distance had ironically allowed them to grow closer.

Their casual relationship continued where it had left off when Rory returned to Wexford in The Madness Underneath. However, Jerome and Rory separated from each other prior to the conclusion of the novel.

In The Shadow Cabinet, Jerome [...]

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