James Goode had seemed to be on about half of all the television shows I saw in England before everything happened. Now his smug face was on TV all the time, on every station.
~ Rory, from The Name of the Star

James Goode is a television personality who commentated his network's coverage of the Ripper Copy-Cat murder case. He was interviewed about the delivery of a gruesome package containing Catherine Lord's left kidney and a letter that replicated the 'From Hell' message. When Rory asks about who he is, Jazza tells her that Goode "was a journalist, and they gave him a show." Jazza also remarks that a lot of people dislike him, but he remains quite popular.

Biography Edit

The Name of the Star Edit

The copy-cat killer sent his message to James Goode's studio, and his broadcast was abruptly cut off. Goode later publicises gruesome images of the letter's contents on a regular basis to assert his network's credibility. He and his network are said to have been criticised for filming the contents of the package before handing it over to police.

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