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Jack Brackell
Cultist Shade
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20s
Skin color: White
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Madness Underneath

Jack Brackell is a human with the Sight who is a member of Jane Quaint's cult. He is therefore an antagonist in The Madness Underneath.

Appearance Edit

Jack appears to be somewhere in his twenties, and has extremely well groomed, but unnatural looking, blond hair with a sideways sweep, like an old-fashioned movie star, and unnaturally clear and cold blue eyes.

He wears a red dress shirt and a strangely wide tie with a bold red and silver stripe, along with red shoes with metallic silver stars worked into the leather. Rory describes him as creepy and fake-looking.

Background Edit

Jack somehow gains the Sight.

Jack joins DevinaMags, and others as part of Jane Quaint's cult.

In The Madness Underneath, Jack is an apparent witness of Dawn's death. His story is that he was waiting outside for a ride from a friend when he saw the woman fall to the ground from the window. In actuality, Jack pushed her out the window and stole part of her bloody clothing in order to be initiated into Jane's cult.

Later, his odd behavior when he meets Rory in Jane's kitchen helps Rory realise something is wrong and try to escape the house.

When Rory tries to run out of the kitchen, Jack forcibly and violently restrains her, and had to be told twice by Jane to let her go after she stops struggling.

He then gives the addresses of Rory's loved ones, with the implicit threat that she and her followers will harm them if Rory doesn't follow their orders.

He sits by Rory's side while they're driving to the country, but it's unknown what happened to him after that.

In The Shadow Cabinet, Jack abandons the car and lies low with the others at a safe house, until Clover calls to warn the Shades are coming. Jack reappears at Highgate to keep Rory from falling over at the shock of seeing Stephen alive, but seemingly asleep in one of their beds. Jack unfolds a pocket knife and holds it to an unconscious Thorpe's neck so Rory will tell Jane where the Oswulf Stone is. Rory convinces Jack he needs to get Jane so Rory can send Jerome a text saying that she's fine. It works.