Wexford Exterior
Location: London
Age: Since 1920s
Residents: Female students of Wexford Sixth Form
Status: Ongoing
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath

Hawthorne is the female dormitory of Wexford Sixth Form, and is the female counterpart to Aldshot, which is a separate building. Rory's first observation of Wexford are from Hawthorne, which has the word 'women' carved in bas-relief over the doorway. Claudia is the resident housemistress of Hawthorne.

Layout Edit

The foyer is panelled with a dark wood and has a mosaic floor. A large banner reading 'Welcome back to Wexford' hangs from the inner doorway when the new academic year starts. A set of winding wooden steps leads up to the girls' rooms and a large bulletin board is covered in flyers and handouts for the various clubs.

The common room is the central hub of the Hawthorne house, being a massive room with a big fireplace. Its equipped with a television, a bunch of sofas, some worktables and a pile of cushions set on the floor. Next to the common room is a range of study rooms - one full of desks, one with one big table for group work and a series of small tiny study rooms that only have one lone chair or sometimes a whiteboard.

There are three floors to Hawthorne, each with wide creaking steps leading to the next. Rory's room (Number 27) has a high ceiling, large windows (each with an additional semi-circle of glass at the top), a thin tan carpet, a light hanging silver fixture that had seven prongs and a small black-iron gate fireplace with deep blue tiles. The mantel is large and deep with a mirror mounted above it. It's a triple but is only inhabited by Rory and Jazza, and eventually Boo when she is on protection detail for Rory.

At the end of a hall is a tiny kitchen, though it's overshadowed by the most Victorian room in Hawthorne: the bathroom, which is shared by all the girls. It is massive, with a black-and-white tiled floor, marbled walls and big beveled mirrors. There are wooden cubbies for towels and bath supplies. There is also a second, smaller bathroom with one stall past the common room. There are bars covering the window, but Charlotte loosened the screws on one of the bars to allow girls to push it back and sneak out after hours. In The Name of the Star, Rory and Jazza use this escape route to make their way over to the Aldshot boys' dormitory while the school is in lock-down. This bathroom is also the location where Rory was cornered and slashed by copy-cat killer Newman.

Known Occupants Edit

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