Granny Deveaux
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Family: Aurora Deveaux (Granddaughter)

Mr. Deveaux (Son)
Mrs. Deveaux (Daughter-In-Law) Bick (Daughter-In-Law's Brother) Will (Son or Daughter-In-Law's Brother)

Status: Alive
Appearances: The Name of the Star (mentioned)

The Madness Underneath (mentioned)

Granny Deveaux is the paternal grandmother of Aurora Deveaux. Rory often uses anecdotes of her grandmother to lighten the atmosphere.

Rory describes her granny as someone who is almost normal, but once a year, she poses for a formal photograph each year in a slightly revealing dress and mails the photo to all her family and friends, including Rory's dad who always shreds it without opening the envelope. Rory once tells Jazza about the time when her Granny got a boob job in Baton Rouge. Apparently, her Granny cited a '20% off' coupon from the local newspaper as her motivation for getting the surgical work done.

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