Freddie Sellars is a girl with the Sight. She met and befriended Jerome on an internet message board devoted to the Copy-Cat Ripper case and deduced for herself that the killer might have been a ghost.

She meets Rory and makes her first appearance in The Shadow Cabinet.

Appearance Edit

I looked out and saw a girl, roughly my height, with a tousled head of curly hair. She had big brown eyes, framed by a large pair of round tortoiseshell glasses.
~ Rory, from The Shadow Cabinet

 Freddie approximately Rory's height, with a faceful of freckles, wild curls, big brown eyes, and tortoiseshell glasses. 

Biography Edit

Prior to The Shadow Cabinet Edit

Freddie triggered the Sight after she was stung by a jellyfish while on vacation, and gradually discovered that she now has the ability to see the ghosts around her. She meets Jerome on an online message board and eventually meets up with him offline. She has been following the Shades' work for quite some time and intends to ask to join. She has a very detailed knowledge about myths, legends and folklore, making her very useful to aid the Shades' investigation. 

Finding Rory and the Shades Edit

Freddie first meets Rory in the Ol' Jim's cemetery. Freddie and Jerome hear Rory's screams for help and arrive to find her trapped inside a grated tomb, stomping out fledgling flames. Freddie suggests they talk at a nearby cafe, where she tells Rory everything before Jerome comes back with their drinks. Then Thorpe shows up, and Freddie offers to take them to meet a mysterious person who can tell them about Jane in exchange for becoming a member of the Shades. She's accepted, and after grabbing her stuff, she goes back with Rory to meet Boo and Callum. Once Rory and Freddie are alone, Rory tells her about Stephen, and Freddie looks over the available information to find clues to his whereabouts. The next day, Freddie breaks one of Stephen's codes, and finds out that he was having meetings with an unknown man for mysterious reasons.

Later, Freddie keeps watch above ground as the others return the Oswulf Stone to its rightful place.

She finally gets to properly meet Stephen, and has a drink at the pub to celebrate with the others.