Eloise has the only single dorm in the Hawthorne dormitory and she is a neighbour of Rory and Jazza. She is a student at Wexford, and is only briefly mentioned in The Name of the Star and The Madness UnderneathSince she is not particularly close to protagonist Rory, little is really known about her character. 

Appearance Edit

Eloise has a jet-black pixie cut and a carefully covered arm of tattoos. 

Background Edit

Since Eloise is not particularly good friends Rory, only a little is known about Eloise's history. However, Eloise has disclosed that she speaks fluent French as she lives in France for a few months out of every year. During an anecdote shared with Rory and her other Hawthorne neighbours, Eloise claims that she was once attacked on a street in Paris. While at Wexford, Rory notices that Eloise likes to read a lot of French novels in her spare time, and dislikes playing hockey as much as Rory does.

Eloise is a smoker, a fact that she has kept hidden from Wexford staff such as Hawthorne housemistress Claudia. On arrival at Wexford, Eloise convinced the doctor that she had allergies. This gave her a credible excuse for using an air purifier in her room, which would ordinarily have been banned due to the Hawthorne dormitory's prohibition of appliances. Eloise actually uses the air purifier to filter out her cigarette smoke and keep her habit a secret.

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