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Species: Human
Gender: Female
Skin color: White
Hair color: Silvery Blonde
Appearances: The Madness Underneath

Devina is a human with the Sight. She is a member of Jane Quaint's cult, and is therefore an antagonist in The Madness Underneath.

Appearance Edit

Devina is oddly tall and has a very slender body type. Her pixie-cut hair is a shade of very light 'white' blonde, which Rory describes as silvery. At their first meeting, Devina wore a pair of short boots and a thin shift dress that exposed her legs despite the cold weather. Her bony knees are covered in light scratches, as though she had fallen and scraped them like a small child. Her favourite item of clothing is a cropped denim jacket.

Rory ultimately likens her to a pixie.

Biography Edit

Prior to the Series Edit

In order to be properly initiated into Jane's cult, Devina acquired a 'blood debt' by killing her Mum's boyfriend.

The Name of the Star

While Devina does not make an appearance in The Name of the Star, Jane Quaint later confirms that she and her followers had been interested in tracking Rory during this time. As Devina is a prominent member of Jane's cult, she probably had a role in monitoring Rory's movements in London and Bristol.

The Madness Underneath

Rory meets Devina for the first time at Jane Quaint's house.

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