The Cultist Shade House is owned by Jane Quaint and occupied by the members of her cult. It was previously owned by Sadie and Sidney Smithfield-Wyatt.

It was described as an impressive pile of bricks, set back from the road, and distant from everything else.

The house was large for London, with three stories and three windows across. It was surrounded by a small square of brick-paved ground, with a few small potted trees. It was gently guarded by a brick gate with a black iron fence.

The entry hallway was large and dark, and the decorations and wallpaper were black and gold. There was a life-size silver and black leopard made of porcelain in the corner.

The kitchen and the guest room were on the first floor.

The guest room was completely covered in wallpaper. The bed was large, and covered with a tiger-print blanket. There was a bedside clock next to the bed, and a black lacquer bureau with a golden mirror on it. The curtains were also black.

The upstairs bathroom had black tiles, and a freestanding tub in the middle of the room with shiny silver fixtures, and a shower head in the ceiling. There was also a heated towel bar.

The rest of the rooms on the first floor were locked.

Upstairs, two doors were locked, but the third room, the library, had an Eastern look, in stark contrast to the rest of the house.

"The floor was covered in multiple Persian carpets, overlapping each other to form a soft but uneven patchwork surface. There were several low octagonal tables inlaid with mother of pearl and ebony, others made of multi-colored tiles. But there were also Victorian elements--a yellow chaise lounge, a rose conversation chair. There were mirrors as well, two massive ones leaning against the wall. The walls were full of built-in shelving, mostly filled with books on spiritualism. One wall contained well-worn vinyl records. There was also a turntable. There was a large wooden antique cabinet with built-in speakers. The table was covered in pots, bowls, ashtrays, dancing golden Shivas, and three golden chalices. Most importantly, there was an antque phone that still worked.

The house had a basement, and may have also had a garden.

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