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Callum profile
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin color: Dark
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Aliases: Cal
Significant Other: Bhuvana Chaudhri (girlfriend)
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath
The Shadow Cabinet

Callum, or 'Cal' as he is known by his friends, is a member of the Shades and Boo's current boyfriend. Cal's primary, day-to-day role as a Shade is to monitor ghost presence and activity in the London Underground Tube system. He does not get along particularly well with Rory.

Appearance Edit

Callum has a round-shaped face with black hair in a crew cut. He is heavily muscled, and his right arm has a tattoo of a lion-like creature holding a sceptor.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Callum's parents split up when he was a child, and Callum subsequently lived with his mother. They changed houses quite frequently, and moved from Manchester to London when his Mum got a job there. They lived in Mile End, and Callum was on track to fulfill his aspiration to become a professional footballer in the English Premier League. To this aim, Callum dedicated the vast majority of his time to football training.

Gaining the Sight

It was an overcast and rainy day in December, and the local forms of public transport were delayed because of the weather. So Callum and a fellow classmate had to make their own way to school, which involved taking a short-cut through a large and fenced off public housing area. The buildings in this area had been deemed structurally unsound and unsafe to live in, so there was no-one living there. Instead, the buildings were in the process of being demolished and construction of a new apartment block had commenced. The entire area was off-limits.

On the way home, Callum ventured back through the shortcut on his own. The earth was still very damp from the recent rain when Callum spotted a severed and live wire on the ground. It sparked, levitated in the air and then bullwhipped into a puddle Callum was standing in. The water conducted the electricity, and Callum was near-fatally shocked. The near-death encounter instantly triggered Callum's Sight. He was suddenly able to see a very strange looking boy standing nearby, who had not been there a few moments beforehand. The other boy was evidently a ghost; a ghost who was laughing and who had deliberately moved the wire with the intention to shock Callum. A security guard who had witnessed what looked like Callum having a seizure and falling soon came to help him. The guard found the wire and realised Callum had been shocked. Callum tried to tell this person about the boy who had attacked him, but the CCTV footage only revealed that Callum had been alone.

Work with the Shades

When Callum was initiated into the Shades' organisation, he took his terminus and quickly returned to the construction site where he had been attacked. Callum tracked down the ghost boy who had shocked him, and activated the terminus on a ghost for the first time. Callum's negative experience has led him to harbour disdain for all ghosts, and he enjoys terminating them. Callum is assigned to the London Underground Tube system, where he monitors the stations and tunnels for disruptive ghost activity.

In The Name of the Star, Callum is contributing to the Shades' investigation of the Copy-Cat killings under Stephen's authority. Rory first meets Callum when she accidentally discovers she has the Sight and is taken back to The Shades' current apartment. Callum is watching TV when they enter, and then immediately questions why Rory was brought there. He soon finds Stephen's explanation of 'who they are and what they do' rather entertaining.

Callum claimed to have previously seen up to fifty ghosts lurking around one Tube station; he insisted that they were scattered around the platforms, on the tracks, and inside the track tunnels.

In The Madness UnderneathCallum is called by Rory to investigate a crack in the pavement at the Royal Gunpowder Pub. Callum brushes it off deems it being just a crack and Rory returns to Wexford. Later on, 

In The Shadow CabinetThe search for Stephen begins. At the hospital Callum has stormed off displeased at the Shades' decision to use Rory's power to hopefully bring Stephen back. 

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