• MichelleStross

    Hey there!

    December 26, 2017 by MichelleStross

    I realize that this wiki has been quiet for a while, but I've come to say hello! I'll be editing and adding pages and such. (And if anyone ever wants to talk about these books... I'm here!)

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  • Elle Lexandra

    Well then.

    December 8, 2014 by Elle Lexandra

    I may as well use this blog to mention:

    • I use a particular variant of British English. I realise that there are American readers, but this is how I learnt to write (i.e. 'reali s e'  and 'learnt' ). So if this wikia's policy is to use American English instead, feel free to correct my edits.
    • I have left a weird trail of    [...]    across a lot of Stub articles. That's the way I mark where information is missing or could be expanded to make it sparkle a little more. I'd forget otherwise. 

    There. That's all I came to say :)

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  • FireworksandChimpanzees

    Yep, you read correctly. The release date for post:

    (Click on the link that says see full size image by the title of the picture to read a bigger text.)

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  • FireworksandChimpanzees

    Firstly, NO SPOILERS HERE!! You have to read it. However, if you want to share your feels with me and the other wiki users, feel free to leave comments - even if they are spoilery :) I will always fan-girl back!

    Righty then. Where to begin? I believe I should start with the fan-girling.

    Stephen Dene - why are you so awesome??? I simply loved this novella to bits because I found it to be a refreshing take on the Shades of London world, purely due to the fact that we see ghostly London through someone else's eyes other than Rory's. Stepehn is one of those rare characters that are realistically complex and are part of an elite world that still seems attainable to those of us who haven't had any NDEs. I'm not telling you to get yourself into th…

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