Owner of A Bird in Hand pet store in Bénouville
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Thirties
Family: Mrs. Deveaux (Sister)

Aurora Deveaux (Niece)

Pets: Many, multiple birds
Skin color: White
Hair color: Black
Aliases: Uncle Bick
Significant Other: Miss Gina
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Name of the Star (mentioned)

The Madness Underneath (mentioned)

Uncle Bick is the maternal uncle of Aurora Deveaux, the main protaganist of the Shades of London Series. He is an avid bird lover and owns a bird store in Bénouville named A Bird in Hand. He has no direct appearances in the book series, though Rory frequently tells anecdotes regarding him to her friends.

He has been courting the owner of the local grocery store, Miss Gina, for the past 19 years, as he's been in love with her since High School but has never been able to tell her he loves her. He has a black beard and strongly resembles his niece, and she too thinks of him friendly and often recounts anecdotes of him to her friends. Because of how socially inept he is, people often think he is creepy and weird though Rory states that this is a stark contrast to how he actually is and you only need to see him with a bird in hand to see how gentle he is.

Rory recounts how he often used to get arrested on the last day of the University semester, as the student body used to buy parakeets that would often end up lost in the branches in the University grounds and Bick would often be seen on the grounds with a net in hand to capture the lost birds and tend to them. Because of how creepy his actions looked, the faculty would often arrest him but then his sister, Rory's mother, would always get him out of trouble due to her lawyer status.