Bhuvana Chodhari
Police officer
Boo by CJ
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Skin color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Aliases: Boo
Significant Other: Callum (boyfriend)
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath
The Shadow Cabinet

Bhuvana Chodhari, more commonly known as Boo, is a new member of the Shades. Boo has a fake I.D. age of 18, which is why she was permitted to attend Wexford despite no longer being a teenager. Her first task is to watch over Rory, by enrolling in the same courses and becoming her roommate.

Appearance Edit

Boo is several inches taller than Rory. She is described as having a dark complexion with brown eyes. Her dark brown hair is long and straight with a streak of cherry red down the right side. Boo likes to wear heavy black eyeliner and dangling gold earrings.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Boo dislikes her first name 'Bhuvana', and states that the only person to call her by her proper first name is her Gran. She is of Indian descent, but grew up in Britain and Rory mentions that her accent "is as British as they come; fast, urban and kind of Cockney."

Gaining the Sight

Boo gained her ability to see ghosts in the aftermath of a drink-driving accident that occurred two years prior to events in The Name of The Star. When Boo was eighteen years old (and a self-proclaimed 'club kid'), she allowed her friend Violet to drive home under the influence. The car collided with a bollard, injuring Boo and rendering Violet unconscious and bloody. The first ghost Boo came into contact with was Josephine 'Jo' Bell, who came to the young woman's aid immediately after the car crash. Jo and Boo became extremely good friends until Jo sacrificed herself to save Rory from the new Ripper.

The Name of the Star

During The Name of the Star, Boo is sent to Wexford Academy after hearing that Rory Deveaux may have the sight. Boo pretends to be a teenager in order to gain admission to Wexford, and subsequently becomes Rory and Jazza's third roommate. Rory follows Boo one day and happens to discover that they both have the Sight. Boo and her colleague Stephen take Rory back to the flat to explain that Rory isn't hallucinating, and that she actually has the rare ability to see ghosts.

The Madness Underneath

During The Madness Underneath, Boo [...]

The Shadow Cabinet

During The Shadow Cabinet, Boo [...]

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