Location: Louisiana
Residents: Aurora Deveaux (Formerly)

Mr. and Mrs. Deveaux (Formerly)
Cousin Diane
Granny Deveaux
Billy Mack
Miss Gina
Mrs. Fletcher
Jenny Savile
Melissa Murphy
Mrs. Haverty (Formerly)

Status: Ongoing
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath

Bénouville (pronounced locally as Ben-ah-VEEL) is a fictional town set in New Orleans, Louisiana, North America. Through Aurora Deveaux's description of the town, it is perceived to be fairly kooky with slightly eccentric traditions and inhabitants.

Bénouville is built on an unstable place - essentially built upon a swamp. Everyone who lives there accepts that iy is a horrible town, but they carry on living there nonetheless. Every 50 years or so, the town gets flooded or destroyed by a hurricane, and everything is affected except the old hotel. It is always rebuilt again by the same people.

Many a generation of the Deveauxs have lived in the beautiful, downtown area of Bénouville. Rory describes how she loves the town, but it is the sort of place that makes you go crazy if you don't leave it at all. Rory and her parents are the first in their family to leave.

Rory's descriptions of BénouvilleEdit

When news of a hurricane reaches the ears of anyone around New Orleans, the hurricane preparations include buying more beer and ice to keep the beer cold when the power goes out. The news make a bigger deal of the hurricanes than the people do.

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