Aurora 'Rory' Deveaux
Coloured Rory
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Family: Mr. Deveaux (Father)

Mrs. Deveaux (Mother)
Cousin Diane (Cousin)
Granny Deveaux (Paternal Grandmother)
Bick (Maternal Uncle)
Will (Uncle)

Skin color: White
Hair color: Dark Brown
Aliases: Rory
Significant Other: Jerome (formerly)

Stephen Dene

Status: Alive
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath
The Shadow Cabinet

Aurora 'Rory' Deveaux is the protagonist of the Shades of London series. The series charts her journey as she adapts to her new life in England, and comes face to face with the copycat killer of the most notorious murderer in British history.


Background Edit

Rory from Benouville, Louisiana, a town she describes as lovely but likely to drive you crazy if you don't leave, even for a little while. Her parents were the only ones in the Deveaux family to leave the town, as they became law professors in Tullane, New Orleans. They had long since decided that it woud be wise to leave the town for a while, and so four years to the setting of The Name of the Star, Rory and her parents made the decision to come to London for her sabbatical, allowing her to spend a year studying in London. Rory's parents would teach law at the University of Bristol, whilst Rory would attend Wexford Sixth Form in London.

Life at Wexford

She finds the transition between the English and American life hard, especially with the difference between the lessons. French was the subject she was strongest in in Benouville but she struggles with the French in England. She absolutely detests hockey and finds it difficult to stick to the Wexford timetable that begins far too early for Rory. Her saviour in times of distress are packets of Cheez Whiz which she relies on to pick her up when the school overwhelms her. After choking on a piece of beef when telling an animated story to her friends, Rory unknowingly develops the Sight. Though it remains a latent and unknown talent to her for some time, the first time the Sight is of use to her is when she is at the Flowers and Archers pub, where the poilce have converged as they examine the murder scene of Fiona Chapman. Her ability to see ghosts occasionally makes her come across as a little eccentric to her fellow classmates. Rory has often accidentally spoken aloud to Alistair while in Jerome's presence, and she confused her roommate Jazza when she pointed out the presence of Alexander Newman.

The Shades

Rory draws the attention of the Shades, a secret sector of the police who suspect from her testimony that she may possess the Sight. Rory soon meets Boo, a young woman who poses as a student at Wexford to keep an eye on Rory. When Rory tails Boo while out on an excursion, she sees her talking to a young and familiar police officer (Stephen) and a woman in oddly old-fashioned attire (Jo). As Rory looks on, someone walks right through Jo and Rory thinks that she is hallucinating. Boo and Stephen attempt to calm her down and take her back to the flat to explain the Sight phenomenon. While there, Rory also meets Callum and learns about the Shades' work. She later works with the Shades to bring down Alexander Newman.


Her full name, Aurora, is one that she loathes to be called by, and was only 'forced' upon her due to a Deveaux family tradition; even her parents don't call her by that name, choosing instead to call her Rory. She is an energetic teenager who is proud of the free flow of her speech - namely, she has the gift of talking for a long time about nothing in particular.


Aurora is a given name for women, originating from the Latin word for dawn. Aurora was the ancient Roman equivalent of Eos, the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn.


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