This is a short article - the content on it is as much as is known from the Shades of London.

Angela is Gaenor's roommate and the next-door-neighbour of Rory and Jazza in the Hawthorne dormitory. She is a student at Wexford, and is only briefly mentioned in The Name of the Star and The Madness Underneath.

Background Edit

Since she is not particularly close to protagonist Rory, little is known about her character. However, Rory has picked up that Angela speaks fluent Welsh (a language that Rory hadn't known existed and that apparently 'sounds like Wizard'). Rory once states that Angela is one of the loudest people in the world. It is also known that Angela has a skin condition.

At one point in The Name of the Star, Angela also drunk her way through a small crate of wine bottles she’d smuggled inside in collaboration with Gaenor. She has a stash of cheap red wine that she hides in her dormitory and shares with her Hawthorne neighbours on Fridays and Saturdays.

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