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Andrew became a prefect in his first year and he is now Head Boy at Wexford Sixth-Form College. He lives in the Aldshot dormitories on campus.

Appearance Edit

Rory observed that all the prefects -including Andrew- were casually dressed, but in a dressy way. Andrew was wearing a shirt with a logo Rory didn’t recognise, and looked like he might as well have been from some kind of 'catalog ad'.

Background Edit

Andrew is the ex-boyfriend of Rory's best friend and roommate Jazza. He soon dated Head Girl Charlotte not long after the break up, which caused a rift between the two girls. Unfortunately, Charlotte also dumped Andrew not long after they got together. He is now single and best friends with fellow prefect Jerome. During her time at Wexford, Rory would sit at the same table as Andrew during lunch. He and Jerome would deliberately save Rory and Jazza a seat each. Andrew attended the school 'fancy dress' dance with Rory and his other friends.