Alexandria was the ghost of a girl from Victorian times. She was about four years old. She had brown hair, and wore a pinafore with a little white apron in front. She held a doll with a chip near the eye in one hand.

Stephen encountered her inside a bookstore said to be one of the most haunted places in London while the government assessed him as a candidate to lead the newly reformed Shades division.

The girl and Stephen introduced themselves, and Alexandria told him her story: how she had thrown her baby brother into the fireplace when he wouldn't stop crying, how awful his burning flesh smelled, how upset everyone was with her when they found out, and how her mother had drowned her afterwards in a fit of rage.

In death, Alexandria was well-known as a violent ghost, and she may have been responsible for driving eight people who stayed in the upper room of the bookshop overnight mad with fright, and the deaths of three people, although she seemed shy when she talked to Stephen.

While they talked, the steely-haired woman appeared and told Stephen to touch Alexandria with the flashlight. Still convinced this was a trick, Stephen refused and put his arm around the girl in a protective gesture, only to see and feel as his arm stuck inside Alexandria's body.

Since he just wanted this to end, Stephen did as the woman said, and with a roar and a gust of wind, Alexandria vanished in a flash of light with a scream, with only the smell of flowers and a wood-burning fire left behind.